Company Profile

In 1936 Ludwig Klug-Ausrüstung has layed the foundation stone of the existing fabric production situated in Hausen, Germany.

Since 2009 the business is run by MaxiTex GmbH. Thus, major changes in technical nonwovens have dedicated the adoption of new business and investment strategies, many decades of experience and an excellent team of experts serve as a basis for the creation of innovative products for all kinds of industry.

In order to achieve the best solution for any demand we pay very high attention to an excellent customer advisory service, fairness towards our business partners and the support of team spirit concerning production and new developments.

At our location in Hausen we run a number of production lines for various types of needle-felt products. Depending on the end-use of the nonwoven the fibre material can be treated in many different ways. We have the possibility of chemical and thermical treatment as well as mechanical treatment of the surface. Another possibility is the combination of all kinds of materials such as nonwoven, foam or other woven products in order to achieve certain properties. We are committed to adding more value to any kind of nonwoven.

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